Math is the only science that has the right answer. No matter who asks and who answers. If a human says wrong, that means he(she) is a liar or an idiot. In both cases you should avoid that kind of person. Unfortunately, persons like that often rule the world. And the lie is quite complicated. However, everything could be fixed. We need to improve our knowledge of math for finding a solution. Improve dramatically throughout the world. Understanding of math must be very tight, so it should go from own mother. Teachers are not enough for that global task. But how mother might teach? In my opinion she has to just control the child`s lessons and very carefully check the result! That is I am talking about. There is a need of tool – easy and comfortable. A person nowadays must understand the flow of money out of their pockets for example. Right interpretation of election results, price changes are math as well. Not so difficult, but significantly more complex than ordinary man could consider. So, Moms, let`s start now with you child, not allowing them grow up without ability to count out their right way of life.